Daycare vs. Nanny: Which Is Better For Your Child?

Daycare vs. Nanny: Which Is Better For Your Child?

With the busy lifestyles in today’s world and pressures of work, it has become difficult for many working parents to give the proper attention that their babies and children deserve. As such, parents need to take the help of others to ensure that their children get the requisite attention and care. While it is possible to ask other family members to take care of the young ones, it is not always a feasible option.

Alternatively, parents can choose between daycares and nannies for their children. Each of these options has their own benefits and disadvantages. Parents should be familiar with these aspects before selecting an option for their young ones.


This is one of the most popular choices for many parents. A daycare facility will take adequate care of your child, as they will be staffed with trained caretakers.


  • Daycare facilities tend to be more affordable than nannies.
  • The children will be constantly supervised by adults.
  • In order to get a license, daycare facilities have to meet certain regulations on safety and sanitary conditions.
  • Children can socialize and interact with others of their age.


  • Taking children to and from the daycare center can pose a major inconvenience for parents. Time needs to be given every day on getting the children ready and packing the items.
  • Daycare centers will not accept children when they are sick. In such cases, a backup option will be required or one of the parents must skip work.
  • Some daycare centers maintain a strict schedule with respect to the routines of the child such as feeding and naps. This may be a problem for some parents.
  • If the work hours of the parents stretch beyond the working hours of the daycare, arrangements need to be made for picking up the child from the center.



Nannies were the traditional method for taking care of babies. A person would be hired to take care of the baby as long as it was required. Although this had phased out for a while, an increase in demand for nannies as well as a decrease in job opportunities for qualified applicants, has once again created a space where nannies are an option for child care.



  • Nannies provide one on one care to the child which is essential for infants. Such personal care is rarely available in daycare facilities.
  • As nannies will usually live in the parents’ house, the environment will be familiar and comfortable for the child.
  • It offers more convenience to the parents, as they do not have to spend time in packing items or dressing the child.
  • Parents do not have to rush from work to pick up the child since nannies can remain as long as required.
  • Parents can exercise more control over the values that their children are exposed to. Parents can inform the nannies about the rules and expectations of the family so that they can be imparted to the children by the nanny.


  • Hiring a nanny can be quite expensive.
  • It can difficult to find the right nanny for the child.
  • As the nannies will more or less live in the home, it can affect the privacy of the household.
  • Nannies are full-time employees and they will be entitled to certain benefits, such as insurance, sick days, paid leave, amongst others. This can be problematic for parents who cannot afford these costs.

Both of the methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the choice of childcare will depend primarily on the benefits the parents wish to enjoy and the amount of money that they have apportioned towards child care.

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