5 Ways Practicing Yoga Can Help Your Child

Practicing yoga is a fantastic way for anyone to find balance emotionally, mentally and physically. If it can do these things for anyone, think of how beneficial it can be in the life of your kids. Practicing yoga can be particularly helpful for kids who have lots of extra energy or intense emotional fluctuations.

Yoga can be used in the rehabilitation process, as a form of therapy or simply to help a person relax. Consider these 5 ways that practicing yoga can be beneficial to your child.

It’s a Great Way for Them to Exert Extra Energy

Can your kids be on the wild side at times? Maybe they have a lot of extra energy that they just can’t seem to get out during the school day. It’s important that kids get the physical activity that their bodies need, and practicing yoga can be an awesome way for them to achieve that.

Enhances Strength, Flexibility and Balance

One of the great things about yoga is that even if your child is already pretty active, it can help them learn to use their muscles in new ways. The constant focus on balance helps create strength in muscles that your kids may not usually use, all the while increasing their flexibility as well.

The balance and coordination found through yoga can also help improve their skills with other sports as well. The action of falling then calmly getting up and trying again can be useful in more than one area of life.

Helps Develop Focus and Concentration

Practicing yoga is beneficial for improving concentration and mental focus. In many situations, kids diagnosed with ADD and ADHD benefit greatly from daily yoga. It allows them to exert pent up energy while also practicing quieting their mind.

It’s a Fantastic Calming Technique and Stress Reliever

Kids who experience different levels of anxiety can often times benefit from practicing yoga. The physical postures allow those practicing to focus on the body as opposed to the chatter of the mind. The breathing techniques are also incredible methods for overall calming and stress relief.

Some schools are even beginning to offer after-school yoga programs that help kids with aggressive tendencies or behaviors. This can also lead to a better understanding of what mindfulness and compassion really mean.

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Perseverance and patience are among some of the incredible lessons practicing yoga can teach. As your kids begin to reach certain goals in their yoga practice, their confidence and self-esteem are boosted.


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