Expecting Twins? Plan Ahead

You’re having twins! Take a deep breath and don’t panic. These are great news! Sure, there are challenges associated with twin births, particularly the fact that twin babies tend to arrive early. There is also the added financial commitment from you. Giving birth to twin babies is very much different from giving birth to one baby. Being emotionally and mentally prepared for the journey ahead can help with coping with this new phase of your life. There is plenty of information on the internet and in pregnancy books to help you feel ready for your twin bundles of joy. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Doctor’s Schedule

Talk to your doctor about the flexibility for scheduling in doctor’s visits. For most pregnancies, a monthly visit to the doctor is normal at least until the last trimester when visits tend to become more frequent. When you are carrying twins, you will have to see the doctor more often since twin babies tend to arrive early. This can usually mean that they will be smaller and lower in birth weight; this can potentially carry risks. Your doctor will want to closely monitor your progress throughout the pregnancy. Make sure that the doctor you have chosen will be able to accommodate these needs, especially towards the final weeks of pregnancy.

Plan For The Financial Commitment

Twice the babies, twice the money! It goes without saying that having two babies will require a larger budget. Find out what you absolutely need and what you can do without for when the babies arrive. You can do this by speaking with other mothers who have had twin babies. Another thing to keep in mind is the feeding of your babies. If you are breastfeeding exclusively, you would need to use certain techniques so that you are able to feed both babies efficiently. When you switch to the bottle or formula, you will require twice as much. Another thing to consider is that you will need an extra pair of hands when the babies come. If you have family who can help, this can be largely beneficial. If not, you may want to consider the cost of hiring a nanny to see you through this period. Writing down the budget for each stage of the twin’s development can help you foresee the cost involved. Make sure to leave room in the budget for unforeseen events that may arise.

Read All You Can Get Your Hands On

There is so much advice out there that it may be tough to sort through it all. However, most expecting moms have found that forums and message boards tend to hold gems of advice from moms of twins who have gone through the experience. Pregnancy.com is a great place to begin as there is advice and tips from actual moms who have had twins and have gone through the experience.

A single baby will change your life considerably, but having twin babies changes it more so. Sleep deprivation goes with the territory, as well as the stress of caring for two babies. Twins are twice the work, but twins are also twice the joy! Taking the time to prepare yourself emotionally and financially will make things more pleasant for you and for your babies.

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