How To Cultivate Healthy Communication And Structure In The Age of Technology

The saying “Home is where the heart is” is a very true statement. Our home is what we make of it. It should be a place of safety and nurture for our families. Sometimes busy schedules and adult responsibilities can get in the way of cultivating a healthy and consistent environment at home. You may not always have the time to have family dinners together. Yet providing a positive environment for your children is essential to their personal growth and development. Home life sets the tone for their lives. That’s big responsibility!

Be present and purposeful

The truth is that there’s no rule book for parenting. Yet if you want to learn how to be good at something, then you learn from someone who’s already successful. Don’t be afraid to read books, articles and even seek out counseling that will help you provide a productive homelife. Make sure that you make time for your kids and make communication a priority. Be an active participant in your child’s life. What you teach and instill in their lives will stay with them forever.

Encourage Manners At Home

Teaching our children respect is one of the most important aspects of parenting. You have the wonderful opportunity to instill in your children morals and values that will help guide them for the rest of their lives. Your children are a reflection of what they learn at home, and as a parent, you set the tone and standard for them. There are awesome ways that you can help your children cultivate empathy and tolerance in and out of the house. It all begins with you!

As a parent, you model the behavior that you want in your home. Children need consistency and structure. Have family dinners together. Talk about your day and keep communication open. If you and your spouse raise your voices, you are showing your children that yelling is acceptable behavior. Children are like sponges. They take in everything that you do and say, so be conscious of how you communicate in front of them. Show your children the value of listening and communicating in positive ways. Model empathy and understanding.

Be Intentional

Being a parent is a daily job and responsibility. You would never say, “I fed my kids last week,” or “I already cooked yesterday.” Create structure in your life as much as possible. Have each member carry out a job and work as a team. Caring for your family is an everyday task. Be intentional. Create a to-do list if you must to keep track of your daily responsibilities. Structure adds security to your children.

Turn Off The Distractions

As much entertainment that the television offers us, watching too much can invade our time, distract us, and even steal quality time from us. Ever been to a restaurant and watched each family member on their cellphone or tablet not having conversations. Give technology a timeout every now and then. You can’t ever get a day back once it’s gone. If you enjoy watching movies together as a family, try to designate one day of the week, preferably the weekend for television and movie-watching. Give your children specific times to play on the tablet or to play their favorite games. Maintain healthy boundaries and structure.

Have a plan for the weekend and make the most of family time together. Create an instagram account and make happy memories as a family! Enjoy your loved ones!

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