Books for New Parents

Trusting in your parental instincts is the best thing that you can do when it comes to your child. However, it never hurts to learn from other people’s experience. Especially when it can save you from learning the hard way. When you become a parent for the first time, reading complicated literature can be quite daunting. Finding the time to read can be even more complicated. To help reduce the time spent searching for proper information here is a list of the 5 best books for any new parent.

Baby Love: This has been regarded as the number one baby book in Australia. This book gives you the insight into the practical approaches that you need to take when you are caring for your little one during the initial years of his or her life. These are the days when you may be extremely confused. Baby Love will break down all the most important details of this phase. The author of the book, Robin Barker, is a registered nurse, midwife and an early childhood specialist.

The Gift of Sleep: The Title of the book will instantly ring true with any new parent and can easily lead to an impulse purchase. The unique value proposition for this book is based around tips and tricks that can help turn your night owl baby into a normal evening sleeper within 3 days. This book is by Elizabeth Sloane who is also known as the baby whisperer of Australia. It is absolutely a must read.

The Five Love languages of Children: This book talks about the parent’s relationship with their child. It primarily focuses on how they adapt to words and actions and how these can impact their development. The book gets into granular detail on how micro expressions are interpreted and gives recommendations on how you should behave with your child during each stage of their development.

Breast, Bottle, Bowl: The Best Fed Baby Book: This book has been recommended by the Australian Ministry of Health and can help new mothers develop proper nutritional awareness. The primary focus is on helping the new mother understand the effect of food on child development. It is a great educational resource and can help parents learn how to ensure proper nutrient intake for their child.

What to Expect When You Are Expecting: This is a famous pregnancy book that has received rave reviews for years. There are multiple reasons why this has been a worldwide bestseller for years and has been referred to as the pregnancy bible. It uses an easy step by step method that covers every stage of the pregnancy cycle. It even has sections that are dedicated to the father of the child. This book comes highly recommended by many health care professionals and should be in every mother’s library.

Is there a book that you think should have made our top 5 list? Have you read one of your top 5 books? Please leave us a comment below.

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